Please discuss with each other what you would like to present, interact, and share with each other!

Michigan Curriculum Focus on Canada

Potential Points of Discussion and Comparison

  • Issues related to the Great Lakes, including invasive species, water diversion, and pollution.
  • Trade patterns associated with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement
  • Compare the governments of the United States and Canada and analyze their geopolitical relationships
  • Examples of conflict and cooperation in North America and categorize and make generalizations about the types of and reasons for each of these.

Potential Focus Questions

  • In what ways are the countries and cultures of North America alike and different?
  • How do modifications to the environments of North America affect economic and social systems?
  • What global patterns exist between the past and the present in North America?
  • How does economic activity lead to the exchange of cultural and political ideas in North America?

Potential Presentation Topics

  • A presentation comparing the two governments (then discuss to see if both classes agree on the comparison).
  • Present how your country/state/province uses the Great Lakes and what issues are hot topics right now. What is being done to address the issue?
  • Present about a product that your country/state/province sells to the other country and how it is used
  • Present about a way that your country cooperates or is in conflict with the other country. What are the issues? What ideas do you have for a solution?
  • Create a presentation about Canada and it's geography: languages, religion, economic system, governmental system, cultural traditions.
  • Create an illustration of imports and exports and economic interdependence between Canada and the U.S.
  • Michigan students: Have students share individually something they learned about Canada, and where they would like to visit, and their favorite hobbies (getting to know you activity).
  • Michigan students: Present about a book that you read about Canada, and then discuss the book with the partner class.

Potential Interactive Activities

  • Both classes present about their own government, then compare by having students use a venn diagram individually to find the similarities and differences. Then take turns having students share what they see as a similarity or difference.
  • Create a quiz on the geography and culture of Canada to quiz the partner class (topics can include: languages, religion, economic system, governmental system, cultural traditions).
  • Test the concept of cultural diffusion. Create a quiz for your partner class to see how close the culture is between Canada and the U.S.: (Identify and explain examples of cultural diffusion within the Americas (e.g., baseball, soccer, music, architecture, television, languages, health care, Internet, consumer brands, currency, restaurants, international migration).
  • Create a Conflict / Cooperation quiz for the partner class. List an issue and the other class has to say whether Canada and the U.S are in conflict or cooperation on that issue.

Can you think of other ideas? Discuss with your partner teacher what works best.